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March 5, 2014   

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I've often said, "If I were Queen of the World I would____." Now, I'm choosing to share my Royal Insights... Please read my blog and respond with your thoughts.

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Dear :

Our economic forecast seems much like this winter's weather forecast . . . we keep wondering, "Will it ever improve?" On paper unemployment statistics are going the right direction, but in terms of real life experience many are still dealing with unemployment or underemployment. And, yes, I think a raise in the minimum wage will help. Will it lift anyone out of poverty? Probably, not. Is it the right thing to do? Yes. Some experts predict that an increase in the minimum wage will lead to a drop in the number of new hires. Other experts say that the increase in spendable income will act as a boost to our overall economy (they cite the results of past increases). Can we know what the outcome will be? No. Can we do the right thing just because it is right (moral, humane, kind)? Yes. We can actually do many "right things" for our economy, for our species and for our planet. We can get serious about making the changes needed to positively affect the world's environment for our children's children and beyond, for all the future inhabitants of Planet Earth.

For starters we can re-tool factories to create solar panels, wind-turbines, and all manner of non-polluting, energy-saving devices. We can retrain workers to build and install these devices in every possible home and business. We can bring portable solar arrays to every yard!

We can train a new breed of Future Farmers of America to grow our foods sustainably and organically. And, we can help this new generation of farmers to purchase plots of land close to our cities, promoting locally grown food resources. It is fascinating to me how many people I personally know, both younger and older, who suddenly feel a draw towards a career in agriculture. I see a potential Agricultural Renaissance brewing!

Now would be a great time to get serious about St. Louis' mass transit system. Prices to build new routes will only go up with time! Our transit program is inadequate, providing alternate transportation options to only a tiny fraction of our sprawling metropolitan community and leaving the rest of us to "have to" drive.

And concerning educational reforms, the goal is not only to teach, but to reach every child. We need to begin where the individual learner is: knowing their current level of knowledge, their strong interests, and their learning style. If we promote an atmosphere of joy in learning, allowing learning to come as a by-product of following the individual's strong interests, we end up with students who are excited to come to school, to "get to" learn, instead of "having to" learn. What could possibly make a larger difference to our human community than for each individual to reach and perform at their maximum potential?

Listen to an amazing interview covering many topics, education included, with astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium/New York Museum of Natural History. Tyson is a man who excelled "in spite of" his education (his words). Here's the link to his 2-27-14 interview on NPR's Fresh Air:


None of these musings is a new idea. In fact, the reason I came to be thinking about the minimum wage and our economy in the first place is because my own level of prosperity seems somewhat dampened. This has caused me to consider that perhaps I am in need of a new perspective, a new paradigm, a shift in how I am viewing money. As is usual for me, when I need to learn something I either write or teach about it. In January 2013, I led two Abundance Workshops. And, 2013 was a good year for me financially (an example of teaching = learning for me). For this year, I am writing: a new deck of "What if...? Paradigm Shift Cards" on money and abundance. As an example, here's one of the first drafts I have written:

What if . . .my old learnings about money (i.e.

"Dirty money." "Filthy rich." Are these accurate? Is money tainted by how it is earned? Are rich people nasty, rude, and dishonest? Or, are many involved with philanthropy and happily making a positive difference in the world? What do you remember learning about money as a child? Did you have to "work hard" to get it? Did you have to guard it so that it didn't slip through your fingers? Was something that cost more money than your family could afford dear? Dearer than you? Were you told stories of the poorhouse, of spendthrifts, of fools and their money being quickly parted?

What were the positives you were taught about money? The joy of making money by being happily engaged in one's work? Were there family financial plans that included monies for expenses, savings, giving, and for pleasant family times? Was there a feeling of enough? Did you always have all your needs met and some of your wants? Were Mom and Pop a team? Were they pulling together to make certain that you lacked nothing of importance... that you knew you were always lovingly supported?

If you had more of the negative money learnings than the positive ones, perhaps it is time to re-school yourself. None of us wants to pass on our money issues and fears to our children as a heritage. We want them to earn enough from doing work they love, to enjoy it well, to be generous and happy.

And so, Dear Reader, I thank you for following my "rant" on the economy and on the "fixes" I would like to see. AND, I would request your help in creating my new What if...? Card deck. If you have thoughts for "What if...? questions on money and abundance I would welcome them. Please send by email to: terraartframe@sbcglobal.net

I'm really looking for questions, not answers (though, if you have answers, I'd be a fool to turn them away!). As I read and study on the topic of money and abundance it is becoming clear to me that we each have our own specific money issues. Because I want this deck to be inclusive, to include as many money/abundance issues as I can uncover, I would value your input. These are some of the topics I have included so far: lack, poor spending habits, right livelihood, greed, fear, and self-worth issues. Please suggest any others you can think of, either in the form of a "What if...?" or give me enough detail so I will understand your idea. If you want to study the issue along with me I am currently reading a book called, "Happy Money, the Science of Smarter Spending" by Elizabeth Dunn And Michael Norton. So far I have learned that we are generally happier in the long run when spending our money on having an experience rather than when making a purchase (and shared experiences provide even more happiness). Interesting! Many thanks!

May we all grow prosperous and feel fulfilled!

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