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April 2, 2014   

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I've often said, "If I were Queen of the World I would____." Now, I'm choosing to share my Royal Insights... Please read my blog and respond with your thoughts.

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Dear :

Whether you consider yourself to be religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist or if thoughts about belief aren't on your radar screen at all, I bet you look for signs. Looking for signs is a part of our human desire to make sense of the illogical and the unclear. There are metaphysical signs, messages from God, from angels, personal revelations... And there are road signs, arrows and advertising... all manner of signage. Here are a few standout signs that have shown up on my radar screen recently: 

  1. The first daffodil of spring! YEA!!!
  2. The sign at right seen online.
  3. A remembrance of the sign I received in 2011 telling me that if I didn't walk the Camino de Santiago that year my "life would be forfeit". I heard the words come into my head. I did not think them.
  4. I was reading a recent Camino de Santiago blog post from someone who had already walked the Camino once and who was wondering whether to do it again. As she was out walking and pondering (in Scotland), wondering what to do, she came to a road that was covered in scallop shells. The scallop shell is a symbol of the Camino. Pilgrims wear the shell as a sign that they are on pilgrimage. The blog poster took the shell road as the sign that she should go walk the Camino again. Further down in the thread of comments to her "Scallop Shell Road" post was another pilgrim's experience of a sign:
  5. George (the commenter) said that, although he was not one who believed in signs, while on his Camino he remembered reading a plaque (signage) above the entryway to a pilgrim hostel. It said: "I have given orders to guard thee on the way." Reading this makes me cry and I have learned that my crying is a sign that something is important for me, and that I am to pay attention. I take these words as a sign to remember that I am always being protected (by Divine wisdom, assistance, and guidance). This is especially meaningful to me right now as I am currently participating in an experience called, Hosting the Archangels. As the Archangels have been invited into my home for a period of five days, I am choosing to be open to receiving their wisdom, assistance and guidance. How timely this Camino post was. I feel I am being told in some fashion that yes, the Archangels are here to guard me and yes, I am on my path. Thank you Archangels!

George (from #5) added that later, as he walked the balance of his Camino, he would say to this guarding presence (from the plaque signage), "I'm not sure where to go. If you're looking out for me, I could do with an arrow [a way-marker sign] right now." And, "Voila! There would be a yellow arrow!"

I suspect that it is not just when one is on the Camino, on pilgrimage, that we are being shown signs. But here in "real life" we don't have the looking-for-signs or the asking-for-signs focus. Perhaps we would benefit in the here and now from actively looking for signs and way-markers. Whether we look for magic, miracles, grace, serendipity, or synchronicity, looking is the critical factor. We must be consciously observant to spot the signs amidst the hubbub of regular life.

For followers of any of the major religions there is a background of meaningful signs and symbols: bright stars, healings, dream-inspired prophecies, rising from death, and more. What signs will you observe and benefit from in your everyday life? Please feel free to share what you observe with me. I'd love to hear.

There are lots of signs of spring out there. I hope you will enjoy them all...


P.S. Thanks to those of you who shared your "money stories" with me (my request from last month). The stories will become part of my new What if...? Cards, Paradigm Shift to Money and Abundance. I see your stories, your experiences, and your sharing helping many out in the world.


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