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June 3, 2014   

Deb's Blog

I've often said, "If I were Queen of the World I would____." Now, I'm choosing to share my Royal Insights... Please read my blog and respond with your thoughts.

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Dear :

Although 2014 is my "Year of Compassion" I seem to be lightening-rod focused on learning what I need to know on the topics of money and abundance. I can only conclude that in learning about money I am being compassionate with myself. Money (lack of $) is a topic that engenders deep fear in me. I actually made myself sick over taxes this year - had lung congestion for over two weeks. I was so scared I literally couldn't breathe. Finally, the initial tax details were handled, the fright wore off, and I healed.

I heard a wise friend tell how she prays to have her negative thoughts removed from her mind and replaced by Higher (kinder-to-self) thoughts. I began to do just that: every time a worrisome money thought came to mind I prayed that it would be lifted and replaced with a practical and useful thought. I am happy to report that this has helped.

I feel calm. I am still working on my issues of trusting in Divine Resource. If you read my Camino book you will see how this same struggle shaped my pilgrimage trip. A major theme of that experience was trusting that I would always be provided for. While on the Camino I never went to bed hungry or unsheltered. I always ended up with the resources I needed. And yet, I still struggle. There must still be lessons for me to learn where money is concerned.

How I generally handle personal struggles is to learn what I can learn and then write, share, and teach from my learnings. In that vein I had the idea to study, research, and write a new deck of "A Seeker's Guide/ What if...? Paradigm Shift Cards" on the topic of money and abundance. I am currently mid-project, collecting "money stories" from those who are willing to share.

I am also doing lots of reading on money and abundance. One book I am fascinated with is: What Will I Do With My Money? How Your Personality Affects Your Financial Behavior by Ray Linder.

An investment advisor and minister, Linder uses the model of the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to explain personal styles of spending, saving, and relating to money. I am planning to begin a Money Study Group based on his book. We will discuss our family of origin experiences with money (how we were "trained"), how we deal with money as a result of our personality type, how we work in partnership where money is concerned. We will share our life-wisdom and be mirrors to each other, to see our blind spots surrounding money issues. Click on the Classes link above for more info. Please join me in this potentially eye-opening Study Group. I've learned so much in my first reading of Linder's book. And, I know we all will learn in great depth working together.

Many blessings of abundance to you,


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