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July 2014

Dear :

What more perfect way to begin a July conversation about spirituality than with a baseball story? It's about 15 minutes long and hysterically funny. Listen now by clicking on the link below:

The All-Star Game - The Moth | True Stories Told Live

I loved Michaela Murphy's story on so many levels. It can be taken as a series of amazing and hysterical coincidences. Or, it could be the grace of a deceased parent supporting the loving children he left behind. It could be a well-acted-upon series of intuitive "hits" or a series of Divinely orchestrated actions and reactions...a "perfect 10" of synchronous events!

However you frame this story my guess is you have had a similar life experience: synchronous timing, all your needs being met, and all in Divine Right Order. Have you always thought of yourself as "lucky"? Perhaps we are all lucky? Perhaps we are all being assisted by a Higher Source: to learn our life lessons...to meet all the "right" people... to have the experiences that direct us onto our life paths. What if the teller of this story was given this experience in order to weave a delightful and inspiring story? That would be a huge gift for a professional storyteller!

I love to think on big questions, the ones that engage my brain, my heart, and my soul. After listening to Michaela's story I looked back on my own stories to note where, in hindsight, I was being Divinely guided. Can you now see any of your own stories from this new perspective?

With love and blessings...

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