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August 2014

Dear :

Deborah loves paisleys and ethnic patterned fabrics. Natalie favors stripes (she's a "stripe-aholic!"). Deb's favorite colors are luscious corals and grassy greens. Nat goes for a black and white palette with red accents. Between the two of us we pretty much run the gamut on beloved patterns and colors. The good news is that we would never push our personal preferences on you! Our goal as designers is to create a look for your home using your personal preferences. In the end, your home should be gorgeous, comfortable, welcoming, and suit you and your family to a T. The furnishings, color scheme, window treatments, and the floor coverings all need to be a good fit for your space and your family and that's why we like to be aware of what's new in the industry: so we can guide you to your most pleasing options.

Recently we attended a presentation from industry partner, Vanguard Furniture. The Vanguard line is famous for its personalization program. Your chair, sofa, etc. can be custom designed and created for you from their selection of many thousands of fabrics, trims and details. You can choose decorative welts, seams, contrasting skirt bands, tufting, quilting, button or nail trim. They can even monogram your upholstered chair! And this last bit impressed us: they custom finish the wood to your choice from their many prepared finishes OR to your custom paint choice (we send them in the paint manufacturer's specs with the order). Yes, your chairs can be painted exactly three shades darker than your wall color! Yes we can!

We also got a peek at Vanguard's newest showings from the Highpoint Market. The colors were lovely brights: poppy pink, spring greens, oranges, and yellows. There were plenty of shades of grey; the "neutral de jour". The greys were used in combination with all the bright colors: with yellows, pinks, oranges and with navy. Greys were even shown in combination with cream and taupe for an all-neutral palette. That palette would create a lovely restful space and would be a great background to show off an art collection! One new palette we were surprised (and pleased) to see: navy and oxblood...very deep and rich, and sometimes shown with accents of coral. Lovely!

BTW, we share about the new colors at the Highpoint Market not to tell you what you must use but to give you a hint of what color accessories may be most readily available in the local retail stores in upcoming months. In fabrics (for furniture or clothing) there are selected colors that dominate the industries for a season or a bit more. The next season may feature another version of the same palette, or it may look totally different.

For our customer who decorates in her favorite palette of multiple shades of blues, this season she may find plenty of navy blue accessories. In a future season, perhaps there will be an abundance of peacock blue or deep violet blue. Who knows? If grassy green, bright orange or pumpkin, bright sunny yellow, poppy pink or grey (including mushroom-y browned grey) is a good accent colors for your existing décor, this could be a great accessory-buying time for you.

Deb and Natalie

Natalie and Deb are available to help you up-date your décor with new accessories...or a whole new look! Hate to shop? No problem... We LOVE to shop! Give us a few hours and we will find the PERFECT accessories that fit your lifestyle and budget!

For an appointment or for questions please call Deborah at 314-544-2555.

Upcoming Events / Classes

Summer Regional Exhibition at the St. Louis Artists' Guild
Currently open through August 10, 2014

Two Oak Knoll Park
Clayton, MO 63105

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12pm-4pm

See the artwork of our friend, Kacey Cowdery, as well as 127 other fabulous artists. You can check out Kacey's website at: http://www.kaceycowdery.com

Dale Wilke Art, in collaboration with The Urban Arts Collective, presents:  "I am Harvey Milk"
August 1- 31, 2014
Sunday, August 24, 214 11:00 am - 1:00pm Meet and greet the artist

Urban Eats Café,
3301Meramec Street
St Louis, MO 63118

A collection of paintings inspired by the choral work "I am Harvey Milk", written and arranged by Andrew Lippa. The 12-movement oratorio was commissioned in 2013 by San Francisco's Gay Men's Chorus for the 35th anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Milk. Dale's emotional reaction to the lyrics is translated onto canvas in color, movement, and texture.

For More information:  www.urbaneatscafe.com or www.myslart.org/profile/dalewilke

Contact Us

Deborah Terra Weltman ~ Natalie Pinson
Phone:  314-544-2555
Email:  terraartframe@sbcglobal.net

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