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August 2014

Top Ten "Commandments" for the 21st Century Spiritual Seeker

Dear :

(Note: There are no "thou shalts" here... just concepts to explore and to try out, to see if they feel right to you.)

  1. Say a blessing for bad drivers. For the driver who honks .02 seconds after the light turns green and likewise for the driver who almost caused you to have an accident. Pray that the bad driver makes it safely to his or her destination. [More on prayers for driving in a future column.]
  2. Waste not. Put almost all that leaves your home as "trash" into the appropriate re-use/recycle venue: into the recycle bin, into your compost pile, donate it, or give it as a gift. Give it a second life. Put it anywhere but in the trashcan. Also, waste not your energy, your electric, your gas, your water. We all know how to conserve energy where our homes and cars are concerned. What about not wasting our own energies? That brings us to #3...
  3. Planning solves. Worry dissolves. When we plan to the degree that is possible in the moment our energy can make a difference. We may brainstorm ideas, make lists, journal, ask for feedback or in other ways make plans concerning our challenges and our desired future. By contrast, when we worry we shift our focus to the energy-draining realm of imagined horrors, profound difficulties, insurmountable obstacles, etc. When we are in that fearful state our brains are unable to formulate creative solutions. Our ability to accomplish meaningful change is reduced.
  4. Care for your "Corpus". Walk your body (or exercise it in whatever fashion you enjoy). Rest when you are tired. Feed your body with health-giving and life-preserving foods and beverages. Buy the best quality, the most healthful foods you can afford. [And here I am tempted to add: Thou shalt not ingest artificial preservatives, food colorings, corn syrups, nor partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Neither shall you consume produce sprayed with pesticides, nor animal products from livestock fed artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feed. Nor shall you eat any GMO foods yourself. But, I don't want to appear preachy, so you will decide.]
  5. Stop paving over paradise. It is time to renew our home planet!
  6. Have a "seventh generation" focus. Also, encourage this thinking in your elected representatives. If your rep can't see how their present voting choices will affect the future, vote in someone who can. Your descendents will thank you.
  7. See wealth as a responsibility rather than as a reward for "right" beliefs or hard work. Having more money than you need means that you are being asked to contribute good works to the world. The best part: you get to choose the type of contribution that feels most meaningful to you. What joy!
  8. Be there for those who are out of their element. Give a smile, a "Good morning" or a "Buenos días". Give directions to those who look lost or confused. Give monies or foods to those who are hungry, down on their luck, or in any way in need of human kindness. Be a good member of the community by offering assistance. Feel free to offer kindness to everyone whether they are in need or not.
  9. Be who you came here to be. We each came to this life for a purpose: to learn something, to do something, to make a positive change for humanity (little changes add up to big changes...all size changes are important). Find your purpose. Use your gifts and talents to serve the world. Look to discover others' purposes. Respect yourself and others for doing this work and say "thank you" to all who are doing their "work". Thank yourself, too!
  10. Treat others how you wish to be treated. The "Golden Rule" will never go out of style! I believe that we are each a part of a larger whole. How we treat another affects us all. Doing good feels good.

With love and blessings...

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