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October 2014


Dear :

Here's a new association with the concept of "harvest":
to seek for the beauty, personal growth, and knowledge that this past year has gifted you.

Over the past year I've been a student in a Celtic Shamanism class. I have no personal desire to become a shaman in the "healer" sense, but I do have a deep desire to expand my knowledge of Self. That is what I am learning in this class.

In last week's gathering we were asked to "journey" to our animal ally or to our teacher to see the learnings we have been gifted with in the past year. The exact wording of the assignment was, "What is the beauty that this turning of the wheel (the Celtic year) has gifted you?"

Because our class began in November of 2013 (during the season of Samhain, after last year's harvest) and has now run through all the seasons of the year, my fellow students and I have had multiple opportunities to journey, to seek after personal insights and wisdom. For myself, the beauty of this turning has been the gift of seeing comfortably from multiple perspectives: from above, from below and from within. I am comfortable looking from an overview. In fact, seeing from a great distance adds a welcome perspective. I am comfortable looking from the underbelly (where the deep emotions of fear, worry and dread reside). And, I am more likely to remain calm while in the midst of unusual circumstances.

I suspect my level of fear has been diminished by doing this journey-work. I am very conscious to let go of fear, anger, and frustration as soon as I can. For me, journeying, meditation, and journal-writing are tools I find useful for becoming the Self I wish to be. This is a wonderful "harvest"! I love this concept of harvesting the personal knowledge and growth of the past year (as with a harvest of fruits, grains, and veggies) and using the bounty to nourish myself.

To harvest your own "gifts of the year" requires an evaluation of the lessons of each month, each season. In whatever way you look for guidance and self-knowledge, be it journal-writing, diary-keeping, taking photographs, making art, meditating, journeying, taking classes, working with teachers/ intuitives/ counselors, reading spiritual texts, attending worship services, whatever... this is the perfect time of year for a gathering of your personal "harvest". What have you learned about your Self this past "turning of the wheel"? How can you best preserve that learning (your harvest) so it supports you in the coming year?

Here's to an abundant harvest season for us all...


Heart Messages

In September I wrote about the concept of "heart messages", when we know what is "right" because our heart tells us, "do it!" One of my own heart's messages was to purchase the book "The Anatomy of Peace" to send to a minister in Ferguson. I had heard him speaking on a radio show and he struck me as a person who cared deeply for all in his community, as someone who would use the wisdom in the book to do much good. So, I purchased the book, I looked up the address of the church, and I mailed "The Anatomy of Peace" along with a heartfelt note, praising the minister's love and dedication. I hope that this gentleman and his community will benefit from my heart's wisdom. My heart, meanwhile, feels satisfied, content.

I have recently had another bit of heart wisdom come to me. This morning, while listening to a favorite radio show on NPR, "on Being" with Krista Tippett, I had a realization. This is what I wrote to the radio station along with my pledge increase:

I have been holding back from increasing my pledge because of the ongoing support this station has received from the Monsanto Corporation. I have become concerned that this donation from Monsanto has led to a withholding of clear and accurate broadcasting where they, their products, and their connections to government regulatory agencies are concerned. I have come quite close in this past year to beginning a formal and publicized (to the degree I am able) campaign to withhold funds from KWMU/NPR until the Monsanto funds are refused and our local and national broadcasts can be forthcoming about the dangerous products being forced on the world through Monsanto's greed and power.

Today, while listening to "On Being" I had the realization that in my heart KWMU and NPR are so important to me that I must try a different approach. Here it is:

Please pass this message on to the station ombudsman. Please let this person know that there is a large group in the St. Louis population (and likely, in the nation) that would support the station even more actively if we could be assured that no tainted funding from Monsanto would keep our beloved station from story-selection free will.

Many thanks for listening to me. And, many more thanks for programming that touches my heart.

I ask you, Dear Readers to respond to KWMU/NPR's pledge drive with a donation if you are a listener, and also, to share with them your concerns that programming decisions be free of Monsanto's interference. If you are not a listener and there is another cause you support, perhaps your heart has messages for you to direct to that cause's leadership? The principle is the same: it is about sharing when our heart tells us to share that which we believe to be right and important. It is about letting our voices and our wisdom be heard.

By the way, if you are curious about the radio show "On Being" that so touched my heart and caused me to have a pledge turn-about, here's a link. 

Krista Tippett interviews David Isay of StoryCorps fame. I was crying in the shower! It was beautiful!

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