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April 2015


St. Louis Decor Trivia

St. Louis is well known for these favorite building materials. Other cities scrounge these materials from our demolitions:

a. Cobblestone
b. Brick
c. Stained glass
d. All of the above


See the answer after the Decor/Art Section.


Showcasing Art: Creating a Gallery Wall

Our client periodically surprises her hubby by having the house repainted and updated when he is away on a long out-of-town trip. Fun idea!!! Her favorite colors are Brights! Her kitchen cabinets were white against a bright red wall, the dining room walls, a vibrant blue-green. She is NOT afraid of color!

When Nat and I work with any new client, we begin by ascertaining their needs and desires. Besides lively colors, our client was looking for a "dreamsickle-colored" room. She'd seen one at a friend's home once and loved it enough to remember it years later. Also, her daughter's art work HAD TO STAY! When we saw her daughter's art, we understood at once that, not only did it have to stay, but that the "Tiger Triptych" really needed to be displayed better, to be show-cased in a more gallery-like setting.

We suggested the triptych be moved from a smaller dining room wall to a larger and much more open living room wall. We suggested that the paintings be re-stretched as the stretcher-bars had warped and the paintings did not lie flat against the wall. We suggested a neutral wall color, in lieu of Brights so that the wall would not fight the art for attention. The Bright colors are now being brought into the home with furniture and accessories. The lower kitchen cabinets are now ORANGE! Not quite the Dreamsickle shade, but it is very cheery!

Before After

Now, when you walk into our client's home the first thing you see is the new "art gallery" wall. It looks like a million bucks! Nat and I tweaked the living room furniture placement so it directly faces the fireplace, enhancing the comfortable feel. Additional artwork includes a faux Giraffe's head, which hangs above the fireplace, and a six-foot giraffe cut-out hugging a corner. The room is family-friendly, comfy, and yet, it sings with the young artist's passion for animals and creative fun! In the dining room, art from other family members has been reframed and rematted to create a smaller, equally fun, gallery space.

Bright Furniture and Accessories Faux Giraffe Head Above Fireplace

You may contact this young artist, Rebecca Ormonde, by email at: ormon014@umn.edu

Or, check out her blog: http://frmpenciltopaper.blogspot.com

Commission Rebecca to create art for your home. And, yes, she loves animals! Is your home missing a resident Tiger? Giraffe? Gorilla? Elephant??? Call Rebecca and have her create a masterpiece for you! You will be supporting a very talented, up and coming artist! Think "Young Gauguin" or "Young Matisse'! You can afford her now, but not for long!

Let Nat and Deb help you display your favorite artwork to its best advantage. This is about selecting the best location, wall color, and lighting for the art. Invite us and our "fresh eyes" into your home or office for: an "idea visit", a color consult, for art arranging/hanging. Enjoy your home or work environment in a whole new way!

Call Deborah and Natalie at Terra Decorating Services 314-544-2555, to set up your appointment.

Trivia Answer


d. All of the above.

Just think... what if we kept and reused our local treasures in new local construction projects? Wouldn't that be awesome!




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On a personal note:

I am completing a book on my 2011 Camino adventure. I've been re-working it with assistance from my Critique Group (through the St. Louis Writers' Guild) and I am very proud of it!

Here's my "elevator speech":

"Camino Lessons: Losing 21st Century Fears on an Ancient Pilgrimage Trail" is a spiritual adventure tale, the travel memoir of an unprepared woman of almost sixty attempting to realize an improbable big dream: walking a 500-mile pilgrimage trail across northern Spain so that her life "will not be forfeit." She is rewarded with impossible-to-imagine help and profound lessons each step of the way, eventually, seeing her life though a world-wide lens and learning the purpose of her existence. The profoundly spiritual Camino Lessons will inspire everyone.

I hope you are interested in reading it. Great! Now, help me find a publisher, please! I am asking for help with contacts. Do you know anyone in the publishing industry? Particularly anyone who is interested in the genre of: spiritual travel adventure? If so, please share contact info with me at: terraartframe@sbcglobal.net or call me at: 314-544-2555.

Thank you!

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