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January 2010, January 1, 2010

Dear :

Blessings to you for the New Year and the new decade! Specifically, blessings for our economy and the world economy.

May this new year/new decade bring us both the will and the funding needed to:

  1. Repair our broken and damaged infrastructure...roads and bridges, etc.
  2. For the E.P.A. to keep us safe (drinking water without harmful chemicals, foods created without fake food particles that the human body doesn't know how to handle, use or expel...trans fats for example).
  3. To begin a program to hide our utility wires underground avoiding both the black-outs from tree branches falling and keeping our trees full, healthy and beautiful.

May this be the year/decade for "Great Works":

  1. Affordable, well-planned, and easily accessible mass transit systems
  2. On-line, user-friendly and personally engaging class-rooms, to supplement our current educational system in a way that ensures every child the education that is perfect for his/her interests and learning style.
  3. I can't wait for health care coverage guaranteed for all...affordable, easily accessible and effective (because the emphasis will be put on remaining healthy)!
  4. And, let's be sure to include public art among the Great Works...art that our children and our children's children (and beyond) will marvel at.

Once all of these Great Works are in process, then the jobs and the monies will begin to really "trickle down"... to trickle outward... to small businesses, local concerns, and generally, to all of our families and our communities!

What I hope will be left OUT of the next year and the next decade:

  1. Imported trinkets made by people whose wages are unfairly low.
  2. Our feeling the NEED to own the next innovation in electronics which then leads to a huge dump into land-fills, either in our country or another; let's get rid of planned obsolescence generally.
  3. Foods that feed our bad habits, as opposed to feeding healthy bodies.
  4. Exclusion in all forms.

Perhaps this decade will be the one in which the U.S. becomes known for it's innovations and it's quality/ made to last/ made to be up-dateable products. Perhaps we will be a shining example of how a huge nation shifts concerns from being the richest to concern for creating health, happiness. productivity, and a world plan for the next seven generations (as in the Native American philosophy that decisions made today should result in a sustainable world, a better world, for seven generations into the future).

So, how much of this has been my personal New Year's rant and how much a blessing? You decide. Please feel free to respond AND include your full name and phone number if you wouldn't mind your response being published in a future edition.
A Happy, Healthy, and Special New Year to All!



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