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July 2010

Terra Art & Frame

  • Quality Custom Framing
  • Acid-free & conservation mats, backings and glass
  • Thousands of frame and mat choices
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  • Re-framing art to coordinate with new décor OR to up-date to conservation materials
  • Art by special order.
  • Art hanging and rearranging

To set up an appointment for framing, call Deborah at 314-544-2555

Terra Decorating Services

  • Color Consultation "Use what you've got" make-over.
  • An "idea" visit
  • Shopping for your home décor needs
  • Room Accessorizing, art hanging and rearranging
  • Re-upholstery and window treatments Real-estate staging for quick home sales
  • Event décor for a family party, a house tour, a home wedding or event

Call Deb to set up a consultation appointment for your room make-over or for any of your decorating needs 314-544-2555.

Dear :

You know how one thing leads to another? Well, I'm finally getting the urge to clutter clear. For years now, my son who lives on the 2nd floor of our story and a half home has had no interest in cleaning. He has had many other more engaging and important things to do. BUT, this summer, after completing his classes at Meramec and before leaving for the "trip of a lifetime" ...a month in China, my son began a room cleanup. He did this out of respect for me...because I asked...and because I needed to be able to get workmen up there to re-do the windows. THANK YOU HONEY! It was interesting that, although my son did not complete the entire project as he had hoped before leaving on his trip, he did get enough done to make a difference in the "energies" of our home.

In Feng Shui and in Space Clearing (see recommended books at the end), heavy, stagnant energies...especially those at the top ("head" or sacred part of the house) can affect all those living below. In "Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui," Karen Kingston says that, "...clutter is stuck energy." She adds, "Most people who have lots of clutter say they can't find the energy to begin to clear it."

This relates to what I was experiencing as my son washed a mountain of clothes, folded them, put them in drawers, and sorted others into give-away piles. As his "overflow" went out and his "keep" was pleasantly organized, MY personal clutter clearing energy began to increase! I found myself assessing my belongings: Do I still love that? Would I want to keep it if I were moving to a smaller space or even just to a new space? (General Response: I would want to keep most of the hand-made items I own and let go of lots that was mass-produced...this was how my personal aesthetic asserted itself.) I also asked myself: Have I used this item in the last year...the last two years? Am I likely to ever wear this?

Here's what I decided:

  1. All the poster/print catalogs (which no one has ordered from in over a year...everyone orders on-line now) are going to my cousin's friend who will create art collages with them.
  2. I have begun to cull my VAST collection of "chotchkes" (bric-a-brac, collectibles, treasures...you know ‘em when you see ‘em) by taking out and giving away those I'm not "in love" with. Example: I have a collection of bird planters in my bathroom which make me smile when I look at them...some connect me to the memories of my grandparents' era which I love...some generate pleasant thoughts (the lovebird planters in my Feng Shui "relationship" corner), and some just have wacky grins which cause me to grin back. The bird planters that DON'T tickle my fancy anymore....GONE!
  3. I took a lamp and a purple screen to Sylvia at The Zen Tree (which she loved). I'm working on "gifting" my brothers with some furniture some items too large for my space). I have some books to return/ share, also.
  4. I was even inspired to go through a few paper piles AND to write a list of the clutter areas I want to tackle in the future and how I might approach them!
All this is a long term project, but my experience is that the upstairs "heavy energies" are being broken up and dissipated...and I feel more energized to tackle my own clutter..

At the time I closed my retail shop three-plus years ago, I had been hearing a steady refrain from my gift customers, "I really like that, but I don't need anything else. I already have too much stuff. I want to give away/ get rid of what I have now." As a nation, we may be moving towards a time of increasing self-examination: have our acquisitions brought us happiness...lasting happiness? Perhaps we are beyond the era of "conspicuous consumption" or maybe all the "stuff" is weighing us down and we'd like to feel lighter.

Perhaps we will learn to pare down, to share our excess, to make do with what we already own (ROOM MAKE-OVERS are a wonderful way to "make do" and make beautiful...end of commercial). Perhaps we are becoming selective with an emphasis on "does it make me smile...make my heart swell...connect me with my family or friends?", rather than, "does it go with the sofa?"

If clutter clearing sounds appealing to you, here are some resources.

Some great books:
"Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston
"Sacred Space" by Denise Linn

Some wonderful local Space Clearing/ Feng Shui/ clutter clearing professionals:

Samantha Shields of Journey in Harmony with Feng Shui; 314-791-4779; or e-mail:

Denise Lee of Clear Spaces; 314-956-2282; or e-mail: denise@clearspaces.org

I have worked with both Samantha and Denise and both are wonderful!

Wishing you clean, clear, gently flowing energies throughout your home ...


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