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October 2010

Terra Art & Frame

  • Quality Custom Framing
  • Acid-free & conservation mats, backings and glass
  • Thousands of frame and mat choices
  • Samples can be viewed in your home or office
  • Re-framing art to coordinate with new décor OR to up-date to conservation materials
  • Commissioned art
  • Art hanging and rearranging

To set up an appointment for framing, call Deborah at 314-544-2555

Terra Decorating Services

  • Color Consultation
  • "Use what you've got" make-over.
  • An "idea" visit
  • Shopping for your home décor needs
  • Room Accessorizing, art hanging and rearranging
  • Re-upholstery and window treatments Real-estate staging for quick home sales
  • Event décor for a family party, a house tour, a home wedding or event

Call Deb to set up a consultation appointment for your room make-over or for any of your decorating needs 314-544-2555.

Dear :

I had way too much furniture on my back screen porch. I knew which pieces I wanted to remove and just how I wanted to rearrange what stayed, BUT, like a Rubik's cube with one too many pieces, I couldn't begin my redecoration project until the "time to go" furniture went. I tried the usual subjects: family, friends, and eventually, Craig's List, but NO TAKERS! Meanwhile, my porch was becoming more unpleasant by the day as the spiders and other insect residents taunted me from their inaccessible (to my vacuum) hiding places. I was very frustrated as this is usually my favorite spot for journaling, meditating, listening to my neighbor birds singing, and watching the A.M. Squirrel Show (featuring impossible leaps and dizzying games of squirrel tag).

Finally the log jam/ Rubik's Cube jam was broken when I was told of someone whose needs matched with what I had to give. I ended up with an unexpected and lovely trade of my furniture for her services AND had the deep satisfaction of seeing how pleased she was with her new furniture!

After returning from furniture delivery, I immediately went into re-do mode. I moved furniture, vacuumed with gusto, re-hung art, washed and rearranged collectibles. Today I got to put out my newest ones: ceramic bunnies and "stones" that I made and had fired at Sandy Schulz's Faust Park Pit-Fire this past weekend.

It was funny that as the first items moved off my porch, more items began to find new homes. My son's teacher was excited to get a drawing table. One of my son's friends mentioned that he knew how to hook up stereo systems / surround sound and POOF! There went the no longer necessary giganto speakers and a duplicated tape player.

It would be dishonest of me to say that I'm "traveling light" now on the back porch. I still have plenty of furniture, tons of art, and quite a few collectable items, all of which are meaningful to me. Tonight on the "new" porch I relax to cricket song as I write. AND I just enjoyed listening (and singing along with) a favorite record album, Bernice Johnson Reagon's "River of Life ....amazing harmonies (all tracks sung by Bernice)...sort of Gospel...very ethereal. Life is good!

Here's one of my favorite quotes. It was in the back of my mind as I worked on the porch re-do:

"Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it."               Goethe

Not that my back porch is a grand and worthy life project, but the theory is the same for porches or life…BEGIN IT.

October blessings to you for serene spaces, and much magic, grace and power!


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