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December  2010

Terra Art & Frame

  • Quality Custom Framing
  • Acid-free & conservation mats, backings and glass
  • Thousands of frame and mat choices
  • Samples can be viewed in your home or office
  • Re-framing art to coordinate with new décor OR to up-date to conservation materials
  • Commissioned art
  • Art hanging and rearranging

To set up an appointment for framing, call Deborah at 314-544-2555

Terra Decorating Services

  • Color Consultation
  • "Use what you've got" make-over.
  • An "idea" visit
  • Shopping for your home décor needs
  • Room Accessorizing, art hanging and rearranging
  • Re-upholstery and window treatments
  • Real-estate staging for quick home sales
  • Event décor for a family party, a house tour, a home wedding or event

Call Deb to set up a consultation appointment for your room make-over or for any of your decorating needs 314-544-2555.

Dear :

Check out the EVENTS section for details on my New Year's Day get-together...the "White Elephant / Intuition / Pot-luck Party." WHAT???  Click on the EVENTS tab to get the details. This is a fun, free event...open to all...BUT, I have limited space, so RSVP ASAP if it sounds appealing!

This is typically the time of year many of us find ourselves in "whirl-wind mode"... constantly on the go, with much (too much) to do. I am experiencing this also, in part because of the holidays, but, for me, more than the holiday prep, planning, shopping, etc., it's hectic in my brain because of all I choose to do for work. I currently wear (or at least try on) five different hats for work: two businesses, teaching, a part-time sales-rep job AND, my creative work...my writing, plus I am taking a class at the School of Metaphysics, and writing curriculum for new classes I plan to teach.

I am blessed with a flexible schedule or I don't know how I could do it all. Here's the other part of juggling all of these "jobs" that I want to share with you (in hopes it will work for you and make your holiday season smooth sailing): I see it ALL as joyous! I "get to" (not "have to") do it all! I "get to" write to you all on a monthly basis, sharing my thoughts and keeping in touch. I "get to" design and create beautiful framing and room décor. I "get to" teach, see the positive changes in my group, and learn in the process myself. I "get to" be my best creative self and also my most excited and expectant learning self. I am EXCITED by all the "GET TOs" in my life.

My suggestion for holiday flusters...? Focus on JOY. Focus on what you "GET TO" do.

Consider this experiment: when preparing holiday foods, consciously think loving thoughts about the future eaters of the foods...how much enjoyment they will receive...how healthy, vibrant, and vigorous they will grow from the nutrients... and then listen for comments about how this year's feast was especially delicious.

When shopping for gifts (or creating them), focus on the joy the receiver will get from this gift...see him/her preening in front of the mirror in the new sweater or scarf...imagine the person's joy in beginning a project now having the perfect new tool or materials...see the excitement on the person's face as they play the new music or rush to find a quiet corner to read the new book. In imagining the excited response to the gift, you will experience JOY and, you will have come up with the PERFECT GIFT!

Imagine you flipping the "attitude adjustment" switch to the "get to" side whenever you feel overwhelm coming on. You "get to" (are privileged to, are able to, have the ability and the means to) celebrate a spiritually blessed holiday season, in whatever tradition you choose. You "get to" choose/ include/ foster love in your life. You "get to" make others happy...and in doing so, your happiness is increased. Joy is contagious...let's ALL catch it!

As I said...consider this an experiment. If you have wonderful success with it, please let me know and we'll include your story in a future newsletter.


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