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April 2011

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Dear :

I am currently in the “making it happen” phase of my “Camino,” preparing for my 500-mile pilgrimage walk across Spain. This is a freaky-scary and EXCITING time in my life.

 On 2-13-11, I sent out over 200 e-mails to family and friends, detailing my desire to make this trip (a heart-felt BIG desire/ a “creating of my own life” challenge). I shared all the details of what I needed to have in place to be able to make the trip: funds, frequent flyer miles, the right travel/ hiking/ backpacking gear, people to assist with “walking me” (yes, just like a dog) to get me in top shape. I was afraid to push the “send” button… afraid of looking foolish, or greedy, or____??? But, the fear of NOT GOING… of not making this leap of faith, of not following my heart… was, for me, even more frightening than the fear of asking for help. For that moment, I chose to allow my huge desire (and my fear of how horrible the rest of my life would feel if I didn’t follow my dream) to motivate me to push “send.”

On 2-14, Valentine’s Day, I was the recipient of MANY e-mail responses: offers of help with money, clothes, frequent flyer miles, assistance with “office manager” needs, ideas for using my home to make money while I’m away, and more! Many folks have agreed to get out walking with me… to make sure I’m toned and ready. ALL very much appreciated! It was a wonderful Valentine’s Day…I felt very loved!

Each day new opportunities are showing up: money in the mail; I now have my airline tickets thanks to donated frequent flyer miles from family and friends; I was gifted a 3-month membership in a women’s collaborative/ networking group… to see how that might further my trip; I am receiving a Feng Shui consultation to help me bring in all I need from the “Helpful People and Travel” section of my home; friends donated funds towards my hiking boots AND went boot shopping with me (so appreciated as I benefited from their guidance as well); I’ve been to see a personal trainer and have chiropractic visits coming!

On a creative level I am beginning to experience the truth of a favorite Goethe quote:

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it.
Action has magic, grace, and power in it.”

As my energies are focused on my pilgrimage, having declared my intention to go and having begun the process, other areas of my life are becoming infected with this energy of forward motion: I am receiving requests for using and selling my “A Seeker’s Guide/ What if…? Cards.” And on an entirely new creative level, I have been writing scripts for guided meditations. My good friend, Judy Rosen, with her gorgeous, magical, and soothing voice, has recorded one and set music under it. We debuted it at the Universal Meditation Retreat mid-February to rave reviews and requests to purchase it! So exciting to get positive feedback! New guided meditations are now in the works….perhaps a set of 3 or 4 CDs will be available later this year. If that weren’t enough, the “What if…? Cards for Teens” project…. the one I’ve been blocked on for months, is moving forward again and I’m seeing opportunities for it to be used in a wide variety of venues.

My experience has been that as I’ve declared my intention to move forward towards a heart-centered desire, MULTIPLE areas of my life (seemingly unrelated areas) are moving forward as well. What’s my job here? To remain in this place of asking for what I deeply desire, being willing to receive help from others (a whole new position for me), to continue being open to receiving creative flow, and, of course, continuing to be consciously grateful for ALL that is coming to me.

What must I be conscious to avoid? Negative thinking that will stop the flow…fears of things not working out well, or really, fears of any (but the motivating) kind. I am thrilled to be right where I am…in the flow of loving kindnesses from family, from friends, from the Universe.

I will soon be walking my Camino (from mid-April through May). A zillion thanks and blessings to all of you who have helped make this happen for me. I hope to return with lots of stories and some interesting lessons to share with whoever will listen.

A wise friend asked me to share this with anyone who expressed worry about my safety while on my trip:

Please do not worry about me (I have the most delightful “knowing” that if I need help, there will be people there to help me). My friend says that worrying about me (or anyone) only adds a field of negative energies around the person being worried about. Those negative energies drag us down. Instead, I am told to ask that you say a prayer: for me, for my safety, my health, my stamina, my enthusiasm, my joy… so many good things to pray for!

Thank you!


P.S. Be sure to hit the “Help Habitat” tab to find out how you can “walk” El Camino with me….

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