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October 2011

Terra Art & Frame

  • Quality Custom Framing
  • Acid-free & conservation mats, backings and glass
  • Thousands of frame and mat choices
  • Samples can be viewed in your home or office
  • Re-framing art to coordinate with new décor OR to up-date to conservation materials
  • Commissioned art
  • Art hanging and rearranging

To set up an appointment for framing, call Deborah at 314-544-2555

Terra Decorating Services

  • Color Consultation
  • "Use what you've got" make-over.
  • An "idea" visit
  • Shopping for your home décor needs
  • Room Accessorizing, art hanging and rearranging
  • Re-upholstery and window treatments
  • Real-estate staging for quick home sales
  • Event décor for a family party, a house tour, a home wedding or event

Call Deb to set up a consultation appointment for your room make-over or for any of your decorating needs 314-544-2555.

Dear :


Deb’s definition of a BIG DREAM:

A deeply held, long-term or short-term desire to make a substantial life change.

This change could be in the form of: career, relationships, taking on more (or less) responsibility, more love, more creative output, travel, learning…

Bottom line: when I think of my own BIG DREAM, I am engaged with it in a heart-felt way…it tugs at me and won’t let go…it feels right, I am excited, on an emotional level, and perhaps, on a physical, intellectual, or a spiritual level, too. It may be a dream I have wanted to pursue for a long time, OR, it may show up in a snap! I may have a feeling of “knowing” about it…that it is a fit for me…it is perfect…and I am immediately engaged. It may feel like my “calling.” Perhaps a BIG DREAM feels in some way larger than ordinary life.

Last month, I sent out a request, asking people to respond to the BIG DREAM questionnaire (see September 2011 Newsletter/ BIG DREAM). I explained the concept of BIG DREAMS using the definition above.

I have heard from a few folks that the questionnaire ignited their thought process…that they were excited to look at their past big dreams and their current big dreaming processes. They sounded engaged and eager to be thinking (re-thinking) their lives through this BIG DREAM life-lens. A few even said that the process of answering the questions felt invigorating…energizing!

The long-term goal of the questionnaire is to find common threads…what people thought, felt, did, or created…that led to realizing their big dreams. Then, that input will become part of a book to guide many folks in being able to realize their own BIG DREAMS!

Please help! I need everyone’s feedback to be able to discern the most relevant info. Whether you have realized your own BIG DREAM or it is still in it’s infancy…or lying fallow… or in process, but having hit a snag…or, if you have realized one big dream and are now lit up by the idea for the next one… please tell me your BIG DREAM story.

Besides the book, the BIG DREAM concept will be coming as a class. I am still working on it. What do you need help with to realize your own BIG DREAM? What about to find your BIG DREAM? Are you intrigued by the concept? Call me @ 314-544-2555 and share your thoughts.

Blessings and gratitude,



Photo by Corinne Esneault, taken of the 3,000 flags flown at Art Hill in honor of 9/11"

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