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January 3, 2012   

Terra Art & Frame

  • Quality Custom Framing
  • Acid-free & conservation mats, backings and glass
  • Thousands of frame and mat choices
  • Samples can be viewed in your home or office
  • Re-framing art to coordinate with new décor OR to up-date to conservation materials
  • Commissioned art
  • Art hanging and rearranging


  • Color Consultation
  • "Use what you've got" make-over.
  • An "idea" visit
  • Shopping for your home décor needs
  • Room Accessorizing, art hanging and rearranging
  • Re-upholstery and window treatments
  • Real-estate staging for quick home sales
  • Event décor for a family party, a house tour, a home wedding or event

Call Deb to set up a consultation appointment for your room make-over or for any of your decorating needs 314-544-2555.



Dear :

In order to create a more perfect--- scratch that--- a more creative New Year...let's plan some creative fun. As my co-worker and decorating partner, Natalie would say, "let's create our lives." The question, then, becomes "What do I want to create?" For myself, I'm currently in the middle of quite a few writing projects. There's the deck of "What if...? Cards" for teens and the adults working with teen groups. On this endeavor I am enjoying the co-creativity of Meg Krejci of Masterpeace Studios (yoga, art, and meditation classes for all ages... still at Crestwood Plaza for a while more). Then there's the Camino / Big Dreams book (still soliciting input about your Big Dreams!), and a spiritual fairy tale I've been writing for several years. I have about 30 pages and a ton of notes / ideas, but am quite a ways from completion.

For me, creativity has been a part of my life since I was a tiny girl, playing "pretend" with my VERY imaginative cousin. She and I were "pirates" hunting through neighborhood back yards for buried treasure at ages 5 and 6. It was easy then to believe. In elementary school I was blessed with totally creative classmates and a huge downed tree trunk in the middle of the playground. At recess, the tree was our submarine when we played "Sea Hunt" or whatever else we wanted the old wood to become. Fairies and elves were as real to me as toads and tadpoles in those years. And my bike could be ridden in ever smaller concentric circles leading me into the center of the earth. When I was having a really bad day I looked out my bedroom window and prayed for the mother ship from outer space to come pick me up (this one still feels real to me).I loved going up to the park next to our home in the early mornings, having it all to myself and enjoying it as my stage...where I performed (in song and dance) all the latest Broadway musicals; "West Side Story" and "Funny Girl" were the ones that I (and the audience?) enjoyed the most.

For me, and I will venture a guess, for all of us, our childhood creativity is a lovely memory. My thought: let's resurrect it in 2012! Let's write silly poems, draw cartoons, dance and sing in the backyard (or the bathroom...love those acoustics!). Let's get together with friends and create just for the fun of it...have a crazy cake baking contest...paint a giant canvass together...get out drums and guitars and sing around the camp fire or the fire pit. How about a "round robin" storytelling: one person begins the story and stops in mid sentence, leaving it to the next person to continue where it was left off OR to take the story in a whole new direction until it is time to drop it in the lap of the next person... Create your "self" (have someone trace you onto kraft paper and collage your "self" in whatever way appeals to you...a fun (as well as revealing) creative play date. OR, try a new medium: go to a craft center or adult ed class where you can try your hand at clay, jewelry making, playing mandolin or bongo drums...or, learn hip-hop or belly dancing! Have some creative fun! Put some creative joy into your life...and watch it spread out into the lives of those you love!

Have a wonder-full New Year!

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