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March 16, 2012   



Dear :

As one of the items on my "DO" list for my "Year of Loving" (see Feb 2012 newsletter), I mentioned becoming "in relationship." The idea of experiencing a deep love with a romantic partner is immensely appealing to me: to have what a woman wants in relationship...someone to share with, to laugh and have fun with, to be protected by and cared for (and in return, to share caring, joy, and attention). Also, I want someone with whom I share a level of spiritual comfort. Mind you, I don't know exactly what all of the above means...what it looks like. I just know that on a deep soul level, I am to have that experience in this lifetime. I've had it in bits and pieces, but, as Wayne Dyer says, now I want "the whole enchilada."

As I learned last year in the course of realizing my Camino Big Dream, it is important for me to pursue my dream in any (many) ways. The same is true here. How to pursue the Love Big Dream? Every way I can think of (or any way I am led to pursue...any way that shows up...). I decided that my first step would be to join the Spiritual Singles Meet-Up Group facilitated by Dr. Annette Vaillancourt (see link to Dr. Annette below). I do not feel a pull to attempt on-line dating. I know many who have done on-line dating, some successfully. But, I am not there...at least not for now. The Spiritual Singles Meet-Up group felt right for me: good men and good women, having intriguing discussions, book club, movies, concerts and other activities...OK! I have now attended 5 or 6 meetings and have felt a kinship with many of the participants. There are definitely areas of common interest (that's what Meet-Up groups are all about...making new friends who share your interests), and, I've always left Spiritual Singles with new insights to consider. All good!

Dr. Annette is also teaching an 8 week long class called "Soul Mate ManiFEST 2012," which begins March 1st (other sessions to follow, including a Soul Mate ManiFEST Cruise next winter!). I attended Dr. A's "teaser" class to see if I felt drawn to take the full course. I was BLOWN AWAY! Maybe I should say I was blown open...I felt exposed, vulnerable, open in a good (make that great way)...like my walls were finally coming down...like my Soul Mate would finally be able to see the real me! So, YES, I am taking the Soul Mate ManiFEST class. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, check out the links below to Dr. Annette Vaillancourt and to a few Meet-Up Groups I can personally recommend: Spiritual Singles and St. Louis Holistic Share. There is no cost to join Meet-Up, although there may be costs associated with various classes and events. It is a wonderful resource for getting to know people who share your interests. Whether you are single or married... there's a Meet-Up Group for every interest (or, you can begin your own!).

Can't wait for the Vernal Equinox...SPRING!

P.S. The "glam photos of me are courtesy of my multi-talented cousin, Donna Lieberman Warwick who is helping me to literally see myself as a beautiful woman (one who might attract a man!). Thanks Cuz! Another part of my "Year of Loving"...learning to see myself as lovable and desirable.

Dr. Annette Vaillancourt http://www.thelovedoctorisin.com/
St. Louis Spirtual Singles http://www.meetup.com/stlouisspiritualsingles/
St. Louis Holistic Share http://www.meetup.com/Saint-Louis-Holistic-Share/

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