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April 13, 2012   


Tattooed Easter Eggs! (Using Children's Wet and Press Tatoos)






Last month I told you about the Soul Mate ManiFEST 2012 class I had signed up to take with Dr. Annette Vaillancourt. I wasn't really sure what Dr. Annette would be doing with us (to us?!), nor, what she would be teaching us. I would say that my strongest fear was that there would be a "getting into on-line dating" component. I am pleased to report that, though there has been much for we students to do, thus far, on-line dating is not a part of the mix.

First, let me share that I took the class in hopes of meeting my Soul Mate (and knowing better how to be in good relationship with him when I do meet him). Others' reasons varied: from wanting to finally release an old flame to make room for the Beloved, to releasing old habits of perfectionist thinking regarding a Soul Mate relationship, to having reduced anxiety around the topic of dating, and even, how to be in a non-romantic Soul Mate relationship with employees (in a kind, compassionate, friendly, and long-term way).

We began with exercises in hearing others better, in building rapport, in developing trust. We dug deep for clarity about the traits of the person we wanted to be in relationship with. Then, we went deeper...into understanding our unconscious limiting beliefs: those thoughts we accept about ourselves as true, which may not only not be true, but they may be holding us back. I have quite a few of those! This has been the best part of the class (so far) for me.

Next, we begin to release/clear/erase those old limiting beliefs about how we are (who we are) "in relationship". Then, we get to realign with new beliefs...to see ourselves in other ways...lots of "what if...?" paradigm shifts for me! We are learning multiple techniques for "clearing" our limiting beliefs and for integrating more useful beliefs. These techniques work to clear "debris" in many areas of life: health, wealth, and familial relationships, to name just a few that I've been working on.

I have no clue what the second half of the class will bring, but I am excited and proud of myself for doing the work! I am "standing behind" my BIG DREAM of being in a long-term, romantic, beloved Soul Mate relationship. I'll give you the wrap-up of the Soul Mate ManiFEST class in the May newsletter.

Also, planning ahead for the month of May, Women's Weekend 4 at Camp Manitowa!

For any woman who needs a break, wants to try some fun new activities: kayaking, Pilates, Nia, Gyrokininesis, Ugi Ball, the ropes course, a variety of less than traditional dance forms.... OR, if you want to enjoy some old favorites: horseback riding, swimming, yoga, and RELAXING (remember that?). Join us!

Enjoy the company of new friends, old friends, co-workers, and relations (bring your mom for a special Mothers' Day gift!). Explore breathwork. Eat healthy foods (that you don't have to prepare!). Be there for the Friday night campfire/guided meditation: "Wisdom of the Warrior Woman" presented by Judy Rosen and myself. AND, don't miss the opportunity to walk the Camp Manitowa labyrinth with me on Sunday. Walk in as you are now...emerge with the spark of the "YOU 2.0 " version installed and operating!

The Women's Weekend 4 takes place May 4-6, 2012 at serene & beautiful Camp Manitowa, located next to Rend Lake in Illinois, 90 minutes from downtown St. Louis. To view slides of past Women's Weekends, to learn more, and to register, visit the website: campmanitowa.com

Make sure to put "Deborah" in the form where it asks how you heard about Women's Weekend 4. Thanks!

Wishing you a happy Easter/Passover/Spring Renewal of Life season...

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