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January 2, 2013   

Deb's Blog

I've often said, "If I were Queen of the World I would____." Now, I'm choosing to share my Royal Insights... Please read my blog and respond with your thoughts.

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Dear ,

2013 will be my YEAR OF ABUNDANCE. I've been working to lead a more abundant life for years. Although we generally think of abundance in relation only to finances, there are many ways to be abundant: to have abundant love, creativity, courage, opportunity, comfort, resolve, joy, excitement... There are infinite ways in which one can feel abundant. I feel I already lead an abundant life in some areas: creative flow, adventure, love of family and friends, good health, comfort. If my dad is any indication, I will be blessed with an abundant long life (he just celebrated his 90th birthday...in good health! Go Dad!)

There are two areas of my life where I have not yet felt abundant: finances and romantic love. These have, so far, eluded me. And so, I'm doing what I do when I wish to learn and explore new territory: I either take a class or, I teach one. When I teach, I learn as well. The curriculum development beforehand offers me the opportunity to study the topic and, in the actual class, I am a participant on some level. I am writing this newsletter prior to the upcoming New Year's Day Abundance Challenge class, so I don't yet know what I will learn as the class developer, leader, and as a participant, BUT, I have been studying and preparing.

For those of you who will not be attending the Abundance Challenge, here's a bit you can do along with us. One of the class challenges will be the Say "YES" Challenge. Here's how it works:

The Say "YES!" Challenge

For the month of January, make a commitment to say "Yes!" to whatever comes up. (Exceptions include: anything dangerous, illegal, or immoral). Do NOT tell anyone that you are taking on the Challenge (you don't want the kids taking advantage of this: asking for 100% increases in their allowances, etc.). What we are doing in this Challenge, is asking the Divine Source (however we perceive that Source) to bring to us that which will be in our best interest to experience, to explore, to learn. We will be given the opportunity to experience that which we would normally say "no" to...out of fear or a level of discomfort caused by newness, inconvenience, laziness, or??? What we will be doing is requesting that our abundance come to us from a Divine plan...one we have only to say "yes" to.

Feel free to take up the Challenge. My hope is that it will turn out to be great fun! Do keep a notebook: write what you were asked to do, what was the outcome, how did it feel? Did you have fun? Did you meet wonderful new people? Did you find out about a business opportunity? Did you lend money and end up with new respect for the loan recipient? Were you able to meet a creative challenge as a result of helping a friend? Was there a new opportunity to play? to learn? to grow? Were you happy afterwards that you had said "yes"?

Stay open...see where it takes you. Keep writing your experiences so you don't forget them. If you have some intriguing results and wish to share, I would LOVE to hear!

Wishing you and yours an Abundant 2013!

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