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April 4, 2013   

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I've often said, "If I were Queen of the World I would____." Now, I'm choosing to share my Royal Insights... Please read my blog and respond with your thoughts.

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Dear :

Time to plant the veggie garden, and with this year's garden I take political action!

You may have been on the listening end of one of my anti-GMO (genetically modified organisms) rants. There is reason to be concerned about our health and the health of future generations due to the deteriorating quality of our food. In addition to being part of the Agri-business GMO experiment, we are being fed additives, colorants, artificial flavors, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, and lots of residual pesticides. The nutritional value: the vitamins, roughage, and protein, is being removed from our grains, and chemical vitamin subs are being added back in. Mom Nature makes an excellent product to begin with and we alter it until it is no longer a health-giving food.... No longer nutrition our bodies can use... No longer full of flavor. The foods our bodies have evolved to eat are being altered. Where does this leave us? We, as a species are fatter, sicker, and less in control of our food supply. We are vulnerable.

The Big Food/Big Agriculture corporations have a wealth-besotted disregard for the damage they are doing. And, they are controlling the very governmental agencies that are sworn to protect the public. What is a consumer to do? I recently realized that I have some power here. You do too.

We have the power to grow our own: to grow veggies and fruits for our own table, and to share with our families, friends and neighbors. We have the power to buy from farmers' markets, from CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) like "Fair Shares" www.fairshares.org, to preserve our excess, to buy organic when we buy. We have the power to avoid the risky center aisles of the grocery store and the equally risky fast food chains.

We have the power to cook our own: to get out the crock-pot, the pressure cooker, the bread maker, the pots and pans! We can start our beans the night before. We can teach ourselves, and our children how to prepare nutritious and delicious foods. We have the power to research on-line: to learn which products, which companies we trust, and which companies have misled us. The information age is our ally! And, we have the power of the purse! As soon as Big Ag sees a shrinking segment of the population buying their tainted products, they will start paying attention to us, to what we consumers want!

As for me, I'm investing in heirloom organic seeds. I've bought my seeds from the Seed Saver's Exchange in Decorah, Iowa: http://www.seedsavers.org. There are plenty of places to shop for non-GMO seeds, both locally and from catalogs. I hope to have a bumper crop of something to enjoy, to share, and then to save some seeds for next year. Unlike GMO seeds, the seeds I buy can be saved and replanted...no patents on these! I am excited to be planting "Sun & Moon Watermelons" and some heirloom radishes, tomatoes, and lettuces. I hope to order some thorn-less blackberry plants and a fig tree (to be brought indoors in the winter). Let me know what you are planting. Hopefully we'll all have lots to share! And, Big Ag loses out on our business! Yea!

I do have one concern though: squirrels. Anyone who can keep them from EATING ALL MY APPLES this year will get plenty of apples for their own use!

Happy Spring Planting!

Check out the good news and the information in the resources below…

Both of the TED Talks are funny and eye opening. Together, they are about the length of one sit-com and way more inspiring! The Organic Consumers Association articles are full of information you will want to know.

  1. A TED Talk with Ron Finley, the Guerilla Gardener. Ron had me jumping up and yelling "Alright!" with his logical and compassionate community garden strategies. My favorite quote: "Growing your own food is like printing your own money." You just can't argue with that!
  2. A second favorite TED Talk features Roger Doiron and his "Subversive Garden Plot". Roger encourages us to take back power from Big Ag by growing our own (not a 1960/70s "summer of love" reference). He shows a very short segment on the evolution of Man and what we eat...hysterical!  http://www.ted.com/talks/roger_doiron_my_subversive_garden_plot.html
  3. From the Organic Consumers Association e-newsletter, found in an article called: "BioDemocracy or Corporatocracy: the Food Fight of Our Lives":
  • Numerous studies indicate that genetically engineered foods are toxic, allergenic and/or less nutritious than their non-GMO counterparts, posing major threats to animal and human health.
  • GE foods are not adequately safety tested before they are put on the market. Instead, the FDA relies on the companies' own, biased studies. And the industry hides behind patent laws to prevent independent testing.

These are only a couple of the points made in the article. There is much more to learn. To read the entire article click on the link below:


"Knowledge is power." !!! (exclamation points are mine)

Sir Francis Bacon

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