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May 1, 2013   

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Dear :

I attended the Earth Day Festival at Forest Park on April 21st and had some delightful chats! I'm eagerly awaiting the free consultation promised to me by a local solar power installation company. YEA!!! Here's info on a few of the many Earth Day Festival booths that I visited.

I was thrilled to meet a group of Christian vegetarians. I am a vegetarian for spiritual/moral reasons and I was pleased to know I have some Christian compatriots! I am happy to pass along their website: http://www.all-creatures.org/cva/default.htm
Here you will find some info relating diet to health, some recipes, and lots of biblical tie-ins to a vegetarian life-style.

I learned about and signed a petition demanding that Missouri utility companies use renewable energy sources as voted for in the November 2008 election. Instead of purchasing coal from out of state, the voters had directed Ameren and the other utility companies to provide 2% of our energy from renewable sources. This hasn't happened yet and our state is losing out on potential jobs and on improved air quality. To view the petition (and sign it!), go to: http://bit.ly/REScomply

Other Earth Day resources:

Environmental Energy Consultants in Bourbon, MO where you can take all manner of interesting classes: solar power, cheese making, green roofs...to name just a few.
Their website is: http://www.environmentalenergyconsultants.com

La Vista Farm, a local community sponsored agriculture farm:

I was trying to buzz past the booth of Simmons, Attorneys at Law, figuring I had no need to speak with a lawyer, when their friendly booth-sitter engaged me in conversation. I told her flat out that I was not in the market for her services unless they could sue the pants off of Monsanto for me. [Yes, I'll admit to wanting to take Monsanto down more than a few notches.] That's when she shared that they currently had a few suits filed against Monsanto. I was putty in her hands!

"What do you want to sue them for?" she asked me. What was my case? "Something about single-handedly ruining my world [as per the Supreme Court, if corporations are people I guess they can have hands...single, double, multiple]. Something about their attempt at controlling the world's food supply." Would I have to own the whole world to sue Monsanto for damages to it? No...I bet I can participate in a class-action suit! I'll keep the phone number for the Simmons firm! If you need them to sue Monsanto for you, or for any other toxic exposure issues, you can reach them at: www.simmonsfirm.com or call: 314-644-6222.

Perhaps the best part of Earth Day for me is receiving seedling trees and shrubs from the Missouri Department of Conservation. I was already the proud plant parent of a Hazelnut, an Eastern Redbud, and an Ozark Witchhazel from previous Earth Days. They are all growing into splendid "adult" plants, as native species are wont to do. This year, I scored an Aromatic Sumac and a Ninebark, both shrubs with lovely spring flowers and colorful autumn foliage! My yard is full of critters who will value the fruits of these plants. Maybe, if I plant enough for the squirrels, they will leave my apple tree alone!

One last organization doing good work for our planet: Forest ReLeaf of Missouri. Check out their website to find out how public and not-for-profit organizations can receive free trees, how you can volunteer, to learn about the benefits of trees in our environment or about Forest ReLeaf's educational programs. www.moreleaf.org


I love spring! Hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!


More fun! These links brought me joy this past month:

Here's what you can grow from your scrap pieces of leftover veggies. This would be fun and amazing for kids!


Here's a way to bring up the vibration of the planet! Recycled landfill items are turned into instruments for kids from a slum area of Paraguay. And, YOU can be part of it!


Here's info to excite a green, clean (and cheap) person like me: how to clean the house without using scary-nasty, costly chemical cleaners!


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