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November 4, 2013   

Deb's Blog

I've often said, "If I were Queen of the World I would____." Now, I'm choosing to share my Royal Insights... Please read my blog and respond with your thoughts.

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At the risk of sounding trite, I am very grateful for my family and friends, for my comfortable home and for my skill set that enables me to earn an honest living. I am grateful for my good health and for the Affordable Health Care Act, which I plan to enroll in.

Pumpkin Carving Contest
in Holland, MI

I am grateful for the renewal I find in the garden. Even yanking out weeds and thinning overgrowth brings me serenity. I am deeply thankful for the bumper crop of birdhouse gourds that took over this year's garden space. Likewise, for the excellent crop of apples that the squirrels shared with me (I got a few). I am grateful for the green tomatoes, pulled before the first frost, now ripening in paper bags in my kitchen.

I am grateful for Mom Nature's amazing ability to thrive, even in the overly dry climate that was St. Louis this past growing season. Thanks Mom N. for the spreading and healthy growth of all my shrubs... my forsythia will be glorious come spring. And the newly planted Nine Bark shrub will grow and shade my air-conditioning unit. Thanks for the increasing strawberry plants, the spreading chocolate mint and fennel. I appreciated ALL the volunteer tomato plants this year and the puny watermelons that have turned out to be pie pumpkins!

Thank goodness that our family Thanksgiving celebration does not depend on my garden's bounty...birdhouse gourds are tough and have no flavor! I look forward with delight to next spring, to an increased number of raised garden beds, to being able to separate the spreading vines from the more self-contained veggie plants, and to more abundance!

Thanks to all of you who are reading this. It is a great pleasure for me to write the newsletter each month. I hope reading it brings you equal pleasure!

Deb on recent vacation to
Holland, MI picking
Honeycrisp Apples

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