A Seeker's Guide to Money and Abundance

What If Cards
75 What if Questions to Guide and Bless Your Day

What If Cards: Money And Abundance Card Set
Uncover a world of new and affirming perspectives about money, generosity, gratitude, love, security, and more… money wisdom for families and partnerships, for personal growth and happiness, and even a few laughs!

Use the cards to guide your day… to get Higher Guidance on your questions… to reflect and journal… to begin a discussion.

The What if…? Money and Abundance Cards suggest new mind-sets to explore. Then, you “test the waters” and use what works for you.
Among the many topics explored:

How to be on “good terms” with money?

Are money fears hereditary?

Can our world operate on new economic models?

Blessing money as we spend it?
Is there a relationship between personal passion and income… between Love and Money… between Self-Love and Money?

Included in the Money and Abundance Cards are “Money Vignettes”: insightful money and abundance stories taken from the experiences of happy and successful people!
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A Seeker's Guide to Internal Paradigm Shift
What if? Cards
75 What if Questions to Guide and Bless Your Day

Discover a world of fresh perspectives...
of Divine lessons and insights...

What if...you gently shift your focus to
      your passions?
What if...your life becomes manageable,
      joyous even, due to your new
      mind set?
What if...you are now able to learn a
      life lesson and move forward?
What if...you can create your life for
      the “Highest Good”* of all
      (including you)?

Allow the What if...? cards guide you to your perfect life path. Or pick a card to guide and bless your every day...

* Highest Good: for everyone’s growth, a needed learning, a win/win outcome, moving forward on one’s life path...
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