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Who is Deborah Weltman?

Deborah is still trying to find out what she wants to be when she grows up. Or...if growing up might just be over-rated! What gives her joy is creative work of any kind, especially, work that inspires personal and spiritual growth. She adores creative problem sovling, magical places and people, and learning.

"It's all about seeing in a new way...from a new perspective...whether one is adventuring into the world of pretend as children do, or into a new life stage. I choose to take the attitude that it's all perfect, even if I don't know why yet."

Deb's current vocations include a home-based décor and picture framing business, teaching "The Artists Way" and "Treasure Journal" workshops, and writing "The Seeker's Guide..." Keep your eyes open for Deb's upcoming "Spiritual Fairy Tales" series.

Contact Deborah Terra Weltman at: terraartframe@sbcglobal.net

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